Our apartments are well furnished and well equipped.

Each apartment has its charm, its light, its space and sometimes an access to the garden.
They are in buildings of the Hausmanian style, larges, classical from ouside and modern inside.

They have :
Equipped kitchens
Excellent furniture
Immediate assistance
We are available to answer your questions.

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1 room apartment
1 room
2 rooms apartment
2 rooms
3 rooms apartment
3 rooms
4 rooms apartment
4 rooms
5 rooms apartment
5 rooms
6 rooms apartment and Villas
6 rooms and Villas

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Where to find us

Swiss Flats Relocation Agency Swiss Flats
Rue du Simplon 26
1006 Lausanne

Phone:(+41) 21 552 00 26

Mobile:(+41) 78 665 13 13